Monday, March 24, 2014

Returning to the Triple Goddess on April 6th

Yesterday I went over to the Triple Goddess, which has settled very nicely into its new location where it shares space with Everybody Reads bookstore and Creating Heroes Comics, to discuss upcoming plans with Dawne.  So, I will once again be showing up on the first Sunday of the month, from 1 pm to 3:30--free and casual, as always.  The exception is the month of May, when I will show up on the second Sunday, as I have a commitment for the first.

This year I want to do more of a free-form sort of thing, so I can be more responsive to peoples' needs and interests.  That was more of what I had in mind when I conceived the idea of "magical chats," but due to my compulsive need for organization, I turned the sessions into workshops with programmed activities.  Therefore, I've asked Dawne to keep a sheet of paper on hand, so people who would like to stop by can write down if they have any questions, issues, problems, interests, or concerns that I can address, and to which those present can contribute group energy.  Dawne will forward that information in advance, so that I can think about whether there are any charms I could put together, or other sorts of things I can bring along--including any special card decks--to see what sort of divination or magic we might apply to those particular concerns.  If you are planning to come, you could also let me know what you'd like by posting a comment to this blog.  Now that I'm getting back into action, I promise to check for comments more regularly.  (Sorry Dan and Cate, that I was so slow to respond to your question.)

Also, if you just feel a spontaneous urge to drop by, that's fine, too.  You don't need to sign up in advance or have to have any specific questions for me.  You can just drop in and hang out.  I will throw an assortment of materials into the back of my car, just in case a use for something or other comes up, pertinent to whatever we might be exploring.

By the way, one of the really nice things about this new venue is they have a very large conference table, which will make it nice if we do tarot spells or other activities where we want to be able to spread out cards and the like.