Wednesday, December 31, 2008


In addition to doing a card search to find out how your own Year Card will play out, (as discussed in the previous post), you can do a reading for the Year 2009 itself. Because 2009 adds up to “11,” the Year Card is “Justice,” and justice certainly is part of the change that a lot of people are hoping for. (If you use one of those alternate Tarot systems that assign the number 11 to “Strength,” you will be more likely to experience 2009 according to the principles you associate with that card.) Tonight you might consider shuffling your deck, locating the Justice card, and studying the cards that flank it to consider how you will see the principles of Justice expressed in your larger world.

I did my own reading, and got “The Wheel of Fortune,” “Justice” reversed, and “The Queen of Wands” reversed. The Wheel indicates that changes will definitely be felt, but the reversed Queen of Wands indicates that although there is a need for more creative solutions to our larger problems, including injustice resulting from so many different types of inequalities, creative people might not be able to make their voices heard—at least not to the extent that we might wish for, at least not so much in 2009—but let’s work to improve that situation! The fact that the Queen of Wands came up at all means that there are creative people with creative ideas out there, they just need to assert their presence.

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