Sunday, April 5, 2009

Generating Magical Surprises

Today’s chat session at the Triple Goddess was about surprises from the Universe, and we used Page of Cups imagery in the exercises, because many Tarot decks portray the Page gazing in surprise at a fish that leaps out of his cup. (In Jungian psychology, a fish emerging from the water represents new psychic life emerging from the ocean of the Unconscious; the fish also symbolizes fertility and abundance.) We practiced a little Bibliomancy by taking various books off the shelves, reading random passages aloud to the rest of the group, commenting on what meaning these passages might bear for different people, and then inserting fish stickers (with their backing still on, so they don’t mar the books) into those parts of the books, so that the people who eventually buy those books will have the Page of Cups experience of having a fish jump out at them. It’s the little surprise that brings new life up to the conscious level. Then, we did card-search Tarot readings focused on the Page of Cups, to find out where we can manifest magical surprises, followed by Tarot spells, (with a different one for each individual, but assisted by a whole-group visualization to enable each individual to evoke some delightful surprises).

However, I forgot to mention that you can help the process of manifesting lucky surprises in your life by arranging little delights for other people. This is a way of priming the pump for magic, because you are affirming the fact that you can take charge of reality by generating surprises. Find clever ways, even if small, to create surprisingly pleasant experiences for the people in your life. For those who participated in today’s session, you might think of ways that you can activate imagery or information from your Tarot reading or spell, or from other things that came up in today’s session. (For example, you could entertain your family with a little drumming.) The Tarot can also help you with suggestions. You could ask the cards, “What can I do to arrange some special surprise?” and then do a card search to see what the Page of Cups is gesturing toward, or just do a regular reading for suggestions, [such as I describe in my book, “Tarot Your Everyday Guide”], taking your cues from the cards.

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  1. Hi Janina!

    I'm having fun with the bibliomancy (book divination). I've taken to doing this with a new book I pick up, with the thought "What will this teach me?". I did it with the new Paulo Coelho book (The Winner Stands Alone) and got 'A blonde woman comes to meet her; she has a list in one hand and a mobile phone on a chain around her neck. She takes Gabriela's name and says: "Follow me. We haven't much time, so let's get straight down to business."' This is so apropo to my life right now...I'm in the middle of a career change, and it's all about lists of things to do, meeting deadlines and keeping the cell phone very close at hand to not miss any important calls or messages! Thank you for the interesting technique. I may transfer it to my studies with text books asking, "What will be the hardest thing for me to learn!" Figure out what the universe thinks I'll have to study extra hard to integrate!

    I look forward to the May 3rd get together!