Sunday, June 21, 2009

Communications from The Lovers

Continuing my discussion of the Lovers card as showing one’s anima and animus (in the context of a reading where you’re asking for information about archetypes of the Twins), another participant got the Lovers, (using the standard Rider-Waite-Smith deck, where the female is on the left, and the male on the right of the picture space), flanked by the Page of Wands and the 8 of Wands. Unfortunately, if I don’t write this stuff down right away, my memory fades, so I don’t recall which sides the Wands cards were on, or whether any were reversed. This is another example of where one of the flanking cards was a court card (emphasizing that expression of the personality), and the other portrayed a grouping of objects, which can pertain to resources the other half of the personality brings in.

Because the Page of Wands has strong communicative qualities, it may indicate that she has a good line of communication from whichever side or her personality the Page was adjacent to, so she may currently be experiencing that anima or animus as a strong conversant in her head, when she engages in self talk. Here, we can pause to consider how one’s inner male might have a different voice and mode of conversation than one’s inner female. Think about it—if you are a person who carries on internal conversations, can you distinguish between male and female voices? (Because I carry on running conversations in my head, I assume that everyone else does, but am I wrong about this?) In the case in point, depending on whether the Page was closer to the male or female of the Lovers pair, that side might be dominating the inner conversation (like a little kid that interrupts a lot).

In some other fine points of interpretation, if the Page of Wands were upright and to the right of the Lovers, it might indicate that the individual’s animus is good at communicating a plan for her future that involves new experiences. If the Page were reversed and to the left, it might indicate the person’s anima is communicating something from the past. However, a reversed Page could also bring some confusion or misinformation into one’s self talk. The 8 of Wands may indicate that the inner male or female is good at organizing her energies to get things done, or, if reversed, that side of the personality might be a factor for disorganization, or involved in some kind of a retro movement.

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