Saturday, July 4, 2009

2 Gigs For Sunday

Hi All! Just reminding you that I will be at the Triple Goddess from 1-3 tomorrow, Sunday, July 5th. The theme is Treasures-of-the-Sea, and I will be demonstrating the Seashell Oracle and Tarot readings as described in my earlier post, below. Then, at 7 p.m. Eastern time, I will be doing an interview on BlogTalk Radio, talking about how to consult the Tarot for advice, and doing over-the-air readings. The link to the general radio show is That is affiliated with the site, I believe the link to my specific show will be So, looking forward to a busy day tomorrow, and hope our friends in Spirit will helping out, as getting out a pack of Tarot cards is one way of signaling to the Spirit World.


  1. Hello Janina!

    Much good energy to get you through this busy day collected and successful!

    Alas, summer semester has me overwhelmed and I am living with books instead my spirit pals.

    I hope to see you the first Sunday in August after the winds of learning die down a bit!


  2. I heard you on BlogTalkRadio today. I host the Asperger Women Association BlogTalkRadio Show on Mondays. I have always had a fixation with astrology & charting. I enjoyed learning more about tarot readings are very gifted.

  3. Hi to Grace and Sharon! I'm still new to blogging, so I don't see a way to respond to your comments separately.

    So first to Grace, Sorry I didn't see you. Good luck with your classes. I decided not to take a summer class because I still haven't recovered from the Spring. If you can come in August, I'll be doing the Animal Cracker Oracle, and then I want do some kind of Tarot magic involving the Ancetor World and Interconnectedness of all people, but haven't yet figured out what that will be.

    To Sharon, I am very pleased that you enjoyed my talk on blog radio, and am glad to learn there’s also a spot for Asperger ladies. Unfortunately, I have not yet heard any of the blog radio segments myself, because my Windows 98 computer plus rural dial-up can’t handle the technology, (though I am planning to get a newer computer eventually).

    As one of my long term projects, I’ve been planning to write a book called “Loved by a Dragon,” that will look at the role of Aspergers people—including (maybe especially) women and girls—in folk lore, magic, and folk healing practices. (In Bulgaria, girls with Aspergers symptoms are said to be “loved by a dragon,” but they also have rituals and cultural practices for modulating the condition.)

    I do believe that Aspergers people have something to contribute both to Astrology and Tarot because many are good at identifying patterns, and their weird shifts in focus can lead to new perspectives. By the way, whether I am looking at a horoscope or a Tarot spread, I try to contemplate it and comprehend it holistically. Also, I try to gain insights by looking at the Tarot spread as if it were a horoscope, and the astro chart as if it were a Tarot spread.

    Good luck to all, Janina