Friday, November 4, 2011

Last Workshop for 2011:

Hey folks, for those who are interested in coming out to my workshops, I will be at the Triple Goddess from 1 to 3 this Sunday for the last workshop of the year.  Tapping into the Samhain season’s still-high-flying energies, we will explore Faery World encounters with the “Fairy Ring” and “Faeries” oracle decks.  This includes finding ways that faery energies may be active or activated in our lives, as well as some amuletic uses of the Faeries cards.  As described in the previous post, another of our themes will be “things that scare you,” using the Halloween Tarot.  Everyone will also get a chance to be the focus of the “Holographic Card Projection” technique, which is where we direct multiple images of a given card (that each individual selects for him or herself), to help each individual achieve a more holistic manifestation of its qualities in his or her life.  In the interest of toggling our amygdalae to access synchronicities and altered states of consciousness through T.D. Lingo’s “frontal lobes supercharge,” we will also bring back the dark chocolate induction.

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