Thursday, February 9, 2012


I apologize for using this blog as a political soapbox, but I have become aware of an atrocity that I can’t stay silent about.

Fritos, a brand of Pepsi co, has just awarded a million dollars to Jonathan Friedman, creator of the Super Bowl Fritos ad about killing a cat, because it was apparently the audience favorite.  Anyone who has ever lost a cat or dog—especially if the pet went missing and you don’t know what became of him or her—knows what a profoundly painful and agonizing experience this is for the pet owner, not to mention the poor animal.  That is, anyone who has an ounce of empathy knows this pain.  If you do not have empathy, which of course makes you a sociopath, then of course you would not feel any sympathy either for the owner or for the animal.  [Note that although I am an Asperger person, and Asperger people are often characterized as not having empathy, I dispute this: Aspies can have empathy, we’re just not skillful at demonstrating it publicly.] 

The fact that so many people were so devoid of empathy as to find humor in this sicko ad is truly scary.  The lack of empathy is at the root of all kinds of social atrocities, and these things are on a continuum.  I ASSERT that the sort of people who think that torturing and killing cats, (as well as tormenting their distraught owners), is good, innocent fun are the same people who think that torturing and humiliating prisoners of war, or urinating on the dead, (as has also recently been in the news), is also good fun.

Anyway, I urge anyone who values human decency to boycott Frito Lay, as well as its parent company, Pepsi Co, plus other Pepsi brands including Quaker, Gator Ade, and Tropicana.  It will certainly be tough, because they are into so many different products, but you can go to Pepsi’s website,, to find out which products are part of their brand.


  1. Just to let you know there is a boycott against Frito Lay and PepsiCo right now and a petion to have the offensive anti-cat commercial removed. You can find it at

    I found that Doritos offensive and disgusting. What's sadder is there are plenty of people who found the commercial humorous and personally attack those that don't. Luckily, many animal lovers particularly those that have a fondness for cats are speaking out and agree the ad was distasteful.

  2. There's already a boycott happening. You can sign a petition to have the commercial removed at: I love cats and was offended by this commercial. It not only sends a message that killing cats and animal abuse is ok but also says that cats hold no more value than a bag of Doritos which is horrifying. I no longer am buying Frito Lay or PepsiCo products after seeing that commercial.

  3. I found the ad very amusing. I'm an animal rights supporter. I have 2 dogs and my last cat was horribly killed by a loose pit bull so I do understand this sadness. I think most people can recognize that this was not a real situation. Dogs don't deceptively kill their prey, hide it, then bribe a human to keep quiet. That's the humor, not the death of a beloved pet.

    Another Frito ad pictures a grandma holding her infant grandchild and then slingshotting him to snatch a bag of chips from a bully child. That to me is more horrifying! Who would endanger a child like that! Again, this is just a humorous fictional situation.

    I think it was a clever ad and not to promote cruelty to animals or children. There are so many people who hate tarot reader and call them devil worshippers and try to stop what we do. There will be things we do not like but we shouldn't make more out of it than there was intended. For then, we look and act just like all the other haters out there.

    Many people that I know enjoyed the commercial for what it was. These people are not socio paths, they are devoted animals lovers and caregivers just like me.

    Just my humble opinion. I wish to promote love, compassion and understanding to as many as I can reach.

    Many Blessings