Sunday, August 26, 2012


As always, the first Sunday of September coincides with the Labor Day weekend, and I shall be back at the Triple Goddess for another free-and-casual magical chat / mini-workshop.  I come in for these special sessions even when the first Sunday is part of a holiday weekend, because there are still people who enjoy dropping in on our activities.  By the way, if you have weekend visitors who are open-minded, this is something you can take them to, where they can have a novel experience.

The theme for September is in line with back-to-school: we’ll explore ways that you can manifest / connect with a special teacher for this upcoming semester in the School of Life.  We’ll be working with Corrine Kenner’s “Wizards’ Tarot,” where every Major Arcana card represents a professor in a magical academy.  (If you have your own copy of the Wizards’ Tarot, do bring it along—if not, you can use my copy or a demonstrator deck.)  Don’t feel that you are too old or sophisticated to benefit from a teacher, because new learning experiences are always available if we are willing to open to them.  After identifying which teacher will be most immanent for you in the months to come, we’ll also look at what sort of learning situations may apply, even what type of “school supplies” you may be needing.  Additionally, we’ll explore a special technique for identifying the teaching personality that emerges in you as a result of these experiences.

Because some of the other themes we’ve explored this past year have included the magic of shining, the magic of opening, the magic of flowering, and the magic of interconnectedness, I will be curious to see if any of these ideas will be found to tie in with the magic of teaching and the magic of learning, as these archetypal influences express themselves in our readings.

Sunday’s activities will also include the “frontal lobes supercharge,” a bind-rune for mental potency, and the Tarot Round-Robin.  As mentioned in previous posts, I’m trying to keep the sessions shorter so that people don’t get fatigued, but I think the items on the agenda for Sunday will go relatively fast.

--And oh, by the way, I have been invited to demonstrate some tarot techniques at the Pagan Pride Day celebration, which will be on September 22nd, in Valhalla Park, in Holt, so I also hope to see you there!

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