Friday, February 14, 2014


As February 14th is a day for hearts, flowers, and messages of love, it's also a good time to send a magical Valentine in the form of a card spell--something for which the Lenormand deck is uniquely suited.  The Lenormand is not a tarot deck, but it has 36 cards with symbolic pictures, and has been around for a long time, with some attributing it to the famed Napoleanic era card reader, Mlle. Lenormand.  I have recently acquired Ciro Marchetti's "Gilded Reverie" version of the Lenormand, and below is the basis for a spell that you can use to send your good wishes to a loved one on Valentine's Day or any day.

Lay out card 9, the Flowers, which signifies "happiness and contentment in all things," while you think of the good wishes you want to send your loved one.  Then card 27, the Letter, further emphasizes the idea that you are sending a message.  The good wishes are then redoubled with card 24, the Heart, which foretells joy and good fortune, as well as romance.

In the Lenormand deck, card 28 signifies a gentleman and card 29 a lady, so if you want to send your love to a special man or woman, you could set the appropriate card below card 27, the Letter.  (For further magical action, you could also fill a cup with a heart or hearts on it with water or wine, and blow on the surface of the liquid as you think of your loved one.)  Of course, Valentines don't have to be just for lovers, they can also be used to reconnect with old friends.  You could even put card 13, the Child, under the letter, with the idea of sending a Valentine to your Inner Child of the past--remembering how when we as children received Valentines, it created a warm feeling of "inclusion."

P.S. Special Valentines Good Wishes to Javier, whose holiday greeting I overlooked, because I went for a period without checking the posts.

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