Thursday, October 16, 2008

Next Workshop on November 2nd

My next Triple Goddess visit is Sunday, November 2nd, and because it is so close to the election, I will demonstrate a very simple technique for predicting who will be the next president. Other than that, I’m still thinking. I may demonstrate how you can frame special readings with different types of decks, such as the Fairy Circle Oracle.

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  1. Hi!

    My name is Alex Page and I bought 'Tarot for a New Generation' earlier this year. It's always been a goal of mine, as a witch and and artist, to create my own Tarot deck. I picked up your book by chance; to be honest, it didn't look as slick as some of the others. But when I began reading, it was obvious that your ideas about Tarot -especially the non-traditional ones- were on par with mine.
    Your book has inspired me greatly. It was wonderful and uplifting to read, and I have been referencing it constantly as I make the cards (for right now, I'm only working on the Major Arcana).
    The point being: I'm a student at Grand Valley State University, and this project has become the material for my senior show - the piece de resistance of every art student who earns a degree through GV's art program. I would be honored if you would stop by to view the cards. I understand you're a busy lady, but seeing that you do workshops and such, I thought a request wouldn't hurt. If you're interested, please email me:
    and I will gladly give you the show details, directions, and dates. Thank you for bringing such a clear, supportive guide to Tarot into bookstores.