Saturday, October 25, 2008

Spirit Helpers Converge

On several past occasions, including the October 5th session, I’ve talked about how psychic mediums typically see each person as accompanied by an assortment of spirit guides and other friendly spirits. I have made the point how, if this is true, whenever people come together in a group—whether as friends or as strangers—these companion spirits will be coming into contact with each other. Indeed, this gives our respective spirit guides a chance to hobnob with each other, share information, and even establish whether there are areas where they can offer mutual aid to the humans they’re looking after. Because the magic of Halloween’s Seasons of Spirits will still be going strong on Sunday, November 2nd, I will demonstrate a Tarot reading method for gaining collective wisdom from the visiting spirits of the group. This will involve a multi-person, multi-deck form of reading, so persons wishing to participate may bring their own decks if they like. Otherwise, I have an assortment of decks that people can use, and Dawne also lets people experiment with the demonstrator decks. (You can also use your own deck in the presidential prediction part of the session, or borrow one of mine, as we will make the election predictions as a group.)

So, I’m looking forward to seeing everybody—and getting some good energy from all those spirits—on Sunday the 2nd of November. In the meantime, you might want to check out the Llewellyn journal, which currently features an assortment of my Halloween Candle Spells (for use with special Halloween candles) at

P.S. Think about what a nice thing you're doing for your companion spirits when you drag them down to the Triple Goddess! It's like a super tonic for them, because they'll be getting more mystic blessing energy there than in the usual mundane surroundings!

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  1. Really wish I still lived in Haslett, darn it! Glad to hear Triple Goddess is still there! Great store!