Sunday, November 9, 2008

Feel Free to Ask Questions

Now that I won’t be having any more magical chats until April, I’m ready to immerse myself in writing projects. However, if anyone wants to contact me with questions and comments, you can click on the “comments” links at the end of the posts.

As the folks who come to these chats/workshops know, I demonstrate Tarot techniques by going around the table and trying to point out a few things about each person’s cards that come up, in relation to whatever reading activity topic we’re exploring. Unfortunately, on last Sunday, November 2nd, I was pressed for time because car trouble made me late, and then I had another engagement afterward, so we didn’t get to discuss more about the collaborative spirit guide readings. If you were there, and you remember which cards you got and would like more clarification, please respond, and I will venture some opinions. As this is something of a public forum, you don’t need to provide your name or personal information, and I will try not to say anything that might be deemed embarrassing.

However, there is an important point that I forgot to make on Sunday, and that is that when we have these public demonstrations, I’d like to encourage everybody to chip in with any observations you have about other peoples’ readings. As I pointed out that when a group comes together, their spirit guides come together too, don’t be shy or feel that you’re interrupting, because you may be receiving a cross-communication from the spirits. I think that everyone will appreciate having that extra insight.

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