Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Spiritual Orientation to a New Presidency

So, we have a new president, and it isn’t the one the group predicted on Sunday. I believe that our predictions were influenced by the wave of good feeling that McCain’s “Saturday Night Live” appearance created, because he was very funny. Although McCain didn’t win, I still think it would be a good idea for any future candidates to try to get on SNL just before the election.

On Sunday, we also talked about how the Tarot (as a visual symbolic language) can be used to signal the Spirit World, including through little blessing and orienting rituals. (I used the Kabbalistic terms, singular Kavanah, plural Kavanot, which are gestures to gain spiritual assistance in focusing one’s intentions.) Some cards that can be used to gesture to Spirit are the Star, which represents Spiritual Forces and help from Spiritual Sources, and the Ace of Cups, which can serve as a symbolic offering of spiritual nourishment, (just as drink offerings were and are ubiquitous in the ancient world and in cultures that celebrate connection to Spirit).

If you would like to express a wish for spiritual refreshment to be directed toward the President Elect—or to anyone you think might need it—you could lay out a 3-card spread with the Star, followed by the Ace of Cups, followed by whichever card you think would be a good Significator (stand in) for your subject. As I mentioned Sunday, I have had both the King of Wands and the Hierophant come up in my earlier predictions of an Obama win. I use Wands and Cups to represent Democrats, Swords and Pentacles for Republicans, and the Emperor for the incumbent. Of course, if some other card seems more suggestive of whomever you want to send your good wishes to, use that. As you lay out the cards, visualize yourself backed by your Spiritual Forces, offering a goblet that’s overflowing with lovingkindness to the person with whom you wish to make this spiritual connection.

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