Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring's New Life

Today is Spring Equinox, but for this part of Michigan, Spring really got underway around March 5th, when the blackbirds came back. One day you still don’t see any blackbirds, then the next day you see a few, and the day after that it’s an explosion, with blackbirds criss-crossing the skies, and their okarees are ringing from every direction. Also, on March 16th, I heard a few frogs; the next evening, the bell tones of the spring peeper chorus were ringing out, in full swing. People in different parts of France and Belgium listen for the first frogs, as that signals the beginning of Spring for them.

I’m very encouraged that the President has sent the Iranians Noruz greetings, (for their New Year on Spring Equinox), with an offer to turn a new leaf in diplomatic relations. [A good link for things that Iranians do to make the year ahead auspicious is]. It is likewise encouraging that the Secretary of State is talking about hitting the “reset” button on U.S.-Soviet relations. As I believe I mentioned in a previous post, it would be nice if we could just redo the 21st Century, to make it more auspicious.

As the Sephardic saying goes, “Let us say auspicious things, so that we will hear auspicious things.”

If you would like to hear and see some auspicious things, come on out to see me at the Triple Goddess on April 5th, (from 1 to 3 p.m.), when I will resume my first-Sunday-of-the-month sessions in Tarot magic and discovery, as well as other seasonal enchantments.

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  1. Hi Janina!

    The red winged blackbirds are indeed back, the sandhill cranes have returned and are making their alien songs, and the very first robin showed up on Wednesday... we're waiting to see our first goldfinch - indicating no more snow...and of course the blue birds of happiness...who will come rolling in around mid-April, looking like they've been through hell and back...not sure why this pair shows up as we're a little far west for them, but they've been with us around four years now.

    I'm seriously jealous of the singing frogs, our peepers haven't decided that spring is officially on yet!

    I do look forward to seeing you the first weekend in April!