Sunday, March 1, 2009

When Justice Comes Up

In previous posts, I discussed Justice as the year card for 2009, because 2+0+0+9=11, (unless you use a deck in which the Strength card is Number 11). If, during the course of this year, you are doing a Tarot reading in which the Justice card comes up, (or in special cases, Strength), in addition to thinking about what that card normally means, and what it may specifically mean in the context of the reading in question, you might also think about how the issues that are being addressed in that reading tie in with the Year's larger stream of events, as well as the "Zeitgeist," i.e. the spirit of the times. Indeed, in any given year, if the card for that year comes up, it may mean that your reading has special meaning in terms of that year's events--that issues that are being played out in the larger world that year have some direct bearing on you. By the same token, when you are doing a reading and various Major Arcana cards come up, whether in reference to the present, past, or future, you might want to do a quick calculation to see what years those cards might correspond to, and then consider whether those particular years of your life had or will have some bearing on the circumstances which you are enquiring about. This is just another way that numerical analysis adds interesting new levels to interpretation.

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