Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Picking up on the idea that when people come together in a group, there’s the potential for greater input from our friends in Spirit: if you happen to be at an event where Tarot techniques are being demonstrated or other magical media are being explored, (such as at my magical chat sessions at the Triple Goddess), and you have a sudden inspiration or insight into somebody else’s reading (or your own), or into whatever is being discussed, please feel free to speak up! Don’t feel that you are interrupting, because you may be picking up on messages from the spirit mentors. Even if something pops into your mind that seems out of context, it may make sense to someone else, and be just what he or she needs to hear.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


As I prepare for this year’s round of Tarot demonstrations at the Triple Goddess, I’m thinking about what we might be able to do to increase our awareness and appreciation of the spirit helpers who may always be present, but whose inter-connections are amplified in such higher energy situations. First, however, I want to clarify what I mean about our spirit connections.

In my October 25, 2008 entry, “Spirit Helpers Converge,” I discussed how psychic mediums have observed that we are accompanied by spirit guides, and if that is true, when different people come together, that also enables their different spirit guides to come together and exchange information. When I talk about us being accompanied by our spirit guides, I understand that as an extra-dimensional connection. I don’t actually think that we drag our spirit helpers along behind us. In other words, it’s not like when you see a mother of three children who has her kids in tow as she goes in and out of the shops in a mall. So, we’re not actually dragging the spirits along wherever we go, in that sort of manner. However, because of their concern for us, they maintain a psychic connection which allows them to be more present for us when there is a need, or when special conditions amplify that connection.

When we go to a place such as a bookstore where other people are going to think, read, and talk about spiritual and metaphysical things, and where the shopkeepers have done a lot to create the right kind of ambience with incense, music, crystals, and other beautiful things and sensory delights, our psychic connections are indeed very much heightened. On top of that, we are interacting with other people whose connections to their spirit mentors have similarly been energized. Not only do all of these otherworldly openings make it easier for our spirit friends to communicate with us individuals, they also make it easier for them to communicate with each other. So even if the spirits are, in a sense, communicating through connections across Time and Space, they are at the same time very much present—with you there in the same room, and hobnobbing with each other.

When, on previous occasions, I have put people through that little spirit greeting ritual where you turn to the persons on either side of you and say, “Hi, I’m So-and-So; I greet you, and I greet your friends in spirit,” that sends energy around the circle, and it’s also a genuine way of recognizing the Spirit World, to further enhance communication. A good reason for energizing this spirit-to-spirit connection is that spirits aren’t all knowing, but different spirits do have access to different pools of knowledge. So, let us say that two individuals, Joe and Mary, don’t know each other, but happen to be present at a spiritually elevated gathering. It may be that one of Joe’s spirit guides knows something that will be useful to Mary’s spirit guides, in helping them assist Mary. The more that spirits are able to help humans, the greater a blessing it is for them, as well, because it is actually more difficult to earn good Karma in Spirit Land than it is in the human realm, (which is why, from the Buddhist viewpoint, human incarnations are the most advantageous).

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring's New Life

Today is Spring Equinox, but for this part of Michigan, Spring really got underway around March 5th, when the blackbirds came back. One day you still don’t see any blackbirds, then the next day you see a few, and the day after that it’s an explosion, with blackbirds criss-crossing the skies, and their okarees are ringing from every direction. Also, on March 16th, I heard a few frogs; the next evening, the bell tones of the spring peeper chorus were ringing out, in full swing. People in different parts of France and Belgium listen for the first frogs, as that signals the beginning of Spring for them.

I’m very encouraged that the President has sent the Iranians Noruz greetings, (for their New Year on Spring Equinox), with an offer to turn a new leaf in diplomatic relations. [A good link for things that Iranians do to make the year ahead auspicious is http://www.farsinet.com/noruz/haftsinn4.html]. It is likewise encouraging that the Secretary of State is talking about hitting the “reset” button on U.S.-Soviet relations. As I believe I mentioned in a previous post, it would be nice if we could just redo the 21st Century, to make it more auspicious.

As the Sephardic saying goes, “Let us say auspicious things, so that we will hear auspicious things.”

If you would like to hear and see some auspicious things, come on out to see me at the Triple Goddess on April 5th, (from 1 to 3 p.m.), when I will resume my first-Sunday-of-the-month sessions in Tarot magic and discovery, as well as other seasonal enchantments.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

When Justice Comes Up

In previous posts, I discussed Justice as the year card for 2009, because 2+0+0+9=11, (unless you use a deck in which the Strength card is Number 11). If, during the course of this year, you are doing a Tarot reading in which the Justice card comes up, (or in special cases, Strength), in addition to thinking about what that card normally means, and what it may specifically mean in the context of the reading in question, you might also think about how the issues that are being addressed in that reading tie in with the Year's larger stream of events, as well as the "Zeitgeist," i.e. the spirit of the times. Indeed, in any given year, if the card for that year comes up, it may mean that your reading has special meaning in terms of that year's events--that issues that are being played out in the larger world that year have some direct bearing on you. By the same token, when you are doing a reading and various Major Arcana cards come up, whether in reference to the present, past, or future, you might want to do a quick calculation to see what years those cards might correspond to, and then consider whether those particular years of your life had or will have some bearing on the circumstances which you are enquiring about. This is just another way that numerical analysis adds interesting new levels to interpretation.