Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tarot Numerology and Tarot Spells

In the most recent series of posts, I have been demonstrating a number of ways that we can explore the numerology of our birth dates, and the current year 2011, by linking them with tarot card imagery. These techniques include looking at card numbers associated with a person’s birth day, month, and year to get something of a personal tarot portrait. Another technique involves adding the numbers for the birth day and month to get a special card correspondence out of that, and then adding the number/card for the present year, to get another number card signifying something that a person with such a birth day and month might get out of this particular year.

There are, of course, many other configurations you can get by arranging all these numbers, and I invite you to experiment and explore the different possibilities. Some folks my wonder if, with so many different ways of manipulating cards and numbers, this isn’t ultimately some very arbitrary mumbo jumbo. However, if certain images and meanings you derive from them have a special resonance for you, then go with your feelings in pulling new insights from your arrangements.

In addition to using these arrangements for philosophical reflection, you can work with their imagery by turning them into tarot spells. A spell is a multi-media, multi-sensory affirmation, and a tarot spell combines visualizations and verbalizations of things you’d like to manifest in your life with the delightful visual and tactile qualities of the cards. So, for example, if the inmates in one of these layouts hints at certain blessings or certain challenges, you can visualize yourself enjoying the blessings or rising to meet the challenges, while also thinking about practical ways that you can improve or mitigate your circumstances. You can also help empower your spells by finding ways to express the cards’ qualities in daily life.

Now in the course of this discussion, I’ve been using President Obama’s numerology for my examples, and just as you can do tarot spells directed at other people as well as yourself, this may raise some concerns that people might use this knowledge to try to influence other people, whether to help people they admire or hinder people they oppose. There are a number of points to consider in regarding what we view as manipulative magic, and how people who are concerned about acting ethically can avoid it. It goes without saying that no one should project hateful and harmful thoughts and wishes toward anyone else, if for no other reason than that which we put out into the Universe comes back to us by becoming our personal reality. Fortunately, people do have a certain natural level of psychic immunity to suggestions—even magical and subliminal suggestions—that go against their well being or that are repugnant to them. Consequently, although we live in this enormous cauldron of psychic and subliminal influence, where vast numbers of people and institutions are consciously trying to affect our behavior, we tend to respond only to those suggestions for which we already have a predisposition, and treat the rest as so much white noise. In the case of politicians—and especially the president—in a country such as ours, where public opinion is roughly 50-50 on so many issues, you can figure that at any given moment, any number of people are thinking about how they’d either like them to succeed or fail at one thing or another. The actions of presidents and other persons in power do have a bearing on our private lives, so you can’t blame people for pinning so many of their hopes and fears on them.

If you are concerned about the actions and policies of some public figures, and wish to magically convey your ideas for changes or improvements without trying to force your will on them, an ethical way to do that is to perform your spell with the attitude that you are visualizing an ideal of how you believe life can be better if they follow such-and-such a course of action, and that you are holding those images out for their Spiritual Selves—Guardian Angels included—to take up if they acknowledge the beauty and wisdom of the vision.