Saturday, April 6, 2013


Hey folks, tomorrow is the first Sunday of April, and I shall be resuming my free and casual, first Sunday workshops at the Triple Goddess, (now at their new location on the east side of Lansing).  This year the workshops will run from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. (trimmed down a bit). 

The main activity for each month will be the Tarot Round Robin, where we go around the table, focusing on each person in turn, with everyone drawing a card for that person.  These round robins give everyone a chance to have a sort of “mega reading.”  They also give us the chance to become familiar with a greater variety of tarot decks and other oracle decks.  Also, in the Triple Goddess’s new building, it appears we’ll have more table space than previously.  Having more surface space in front of us means we’ll be able to do more with tarot spells.  For example, as we all draw cards for each person’s reading, we can lay down their respective cards in front of them to better see if there are any interesting graphic or other symbolic connections.  Then, if there are some cards that flow together well in terms of making statements about things that people want to manifest in their lives, we can bring the group energy to bear to help make that happen.

By the way, you don’t need to bring a tarot or other deck to participate, because the Triple Goddess lets us use their demonstrator decks, (which is a good opportunity to “test drive” a lot of different decks), and I bring along some spare decks, too.

We’ll also have some sort of seasonal activity or other activity involving tarot and/or magic.  One of the things I hope to achieve with these sessions is show that a small group of people can “do magic” sitting around a table, without a great deal of preparation or props. Also, the techniques we explore are the sort of things you can easily do with other groups, should you be involved in or decide to start your own tarot group or other sort of magical study group, or even as something fun to do when you’re just visiting with friends and family.  Of course, many of the tarot and other techniques can be done as solitary activities, for your own insight.

Here is the new address and contact info for the Triple Goddess: 1824 East Michigan Avenue -- Suite C; Lansing, Michigan 48912; Phone:  (517) 347-2112.  They are about a block WEST of Emil's Restaurant on the same side of the street at the corner of Regent St. and Michigan Ave, (sharing a building with a small brewery).  Also, they have their own parking lot with free parking.